Twuz my birthday. Couzin Jimmy, Fred (a friend we had met through work), and myself were celebrating my personal new year in tradition, with a plethora of drinks. Wuz only a matter of time until we decided to spice thingz up abit, and jumping off of the hotel 'z roof (where we worked) into the swimming pool, seemed like the necessary thing to do. So we did.

We got down to our skiviez and made the plunge. The water wasn't to bad, afterall it wuz a hot August night. Rather than getting fully dressed, I showed the guyz a trick my buddy Tim taught me; "How to Make Your T-shirt into a Ninja Mask!" Now, dressed only in our gaunch with ninja masks covering our identitiez, we took to the streets... for picture taking of course!

Various destinationz were caught on film:
- Fred and I dry-humping the 'Gateway of Harmonious Interest' leading into Chinatown
- Jimmy and Fred pozin' with a couple of young damez with the ballz enough to have their picture taken with two strangerz wearing underwear and masks
- all three of us in front of the oppozing nudey bar'z entrance, just to say we did
- and a couple of more sacred destinationz too!
After we ran out of film, we went our separate wayz home... still wearing our masks.

I passed out immediately when I got in the door. Didn't even hear the phone ring, but my answering machine got the message. Az it turned out, couzin Jimmy wuz driving home with only hiz gaunch and ninja mask on, when a member of our local police force happened upon him. The cop pulled him over, and approached Jimmy'z car with hiz hand on hiz gun. He noticed Jimmy'z hair wuz wet, and that he wuz wearing only hiz underwear. So the cop sez, "I'm not even gonna ask if you've been drinking. But I gotta know. What were you wearing on your face?"

Jimmy told him the whole story, and when it wuz all said and done, the cop gave him a police escort home! The ninth wonder of the world.


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