I remember Eraserhead wuz playing at the University movie theater awhile back. Quite often, they would have some pretty bizarro flicks showing there. A friend of mine; Joe ran a video store, and he knew about every f**kt up film ever made. When he heard that Eraserhead wuz playing, he got us a bunch of LSD, and figured we should go.

He wuz telling me ahead of time, that the film was going to (because of the LSD) get very 3-D on us. We took our hits of acid, then went down to the SUB Building an hour early to get our tickets for the show. (I gotta say, the moon people were out in full f**king force that night man) Anywayz, there wuz this dude I used to see all the time on the bus, and he alwayz had at least 15 bags of junk with him.He'd be at the bus stop with a shopping cart full of sh*t, and when he'd get on the bus, it'd take him a good few minutes to load up all hiz crap. A strange dood to say the least. So happened, on the night of our LSD trip, he wuz havin' hiz own episode in the mens room... unknown to us.

Joe went to take a piss. He got about five steps into the washroom, then came running out laughing hystarically and pointing for me to, "Go check it out... Quick!" Az far az I wuz feeling, I figured I had to be the highest guy on the planet, so I could use a good mind-f**king right about now. I went to check out what wuz flippin' Joe out so bad, and sure enough the creepy guy (from the bus) wuz hovering over the sink in the corner, eating from a bag of grapes that I'm pretty sure he had found in the garbage can. I washed my handz in the sink farthest away from him, to make it look az if that wuz the reason why I wuz there. Then he spoke to me. It wuz a garbled noizey grunt that I couldn't understand, but when I went for the paper towelz, I realized that what he wuz saying, wuz that there wuzn't any left. I looked at him... and he wuz foaming at the mouth, looking like Mr. Hyde. The towel dispenser behind him wuz full, and it seemed az though my hands actually had water leaking out of them. I swear my shoez had holez in them, and my socks were getting wet. In order for me to get to the towelz I had to reach over the Mad Scientist hunched over the sink, and I noticed he had a butter knife tucked down the back of his pants. He snorted and gave me a glare letting me know that he'd pull it on me if he had to. I laughed out loud, and with my handz still dripping wet.

Joe and I went into the theater, and az expected, after about 5 minutes, the film popped out of the f*king movie screen. It wuz az if we were watching Eraserhead performed az a play on stage. It had great depth, I wuz truly fascinated by the experience. I don't actually remember any dialogue being spoken during the entire film, but I do recall being able to read the main character's thoughts, and it all made perfect sense to me... at the time.

After it wuz over, we left az very enlightened beingz. It pissed the biggest rain drops on us when we got outside. The water wuz splashing off of us, all wuz lost.

Some how, I managed to make it home alive without drowning. I collapsed exhausted, and passed out on the fllor. My phone woke me up the next morning.

Ring... Ring...

Me - "Hello?"
Them - "Hey. So what did you end up doing last night?"
Me - "Oh, Joe and I went and saw Eraserhead."
Them - "Dood, that's for acid freaks!"
(heh, heh, heh!)


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