The history of Zappnin Black spanz back to High School for two of it's memberz.

Of different agez, but sharing the common thread of muzic, Donnie and Tommy began playin' various Ozzy and Motley Crue songz together in their latter yearz of high school. Az the music world got heavier, so did their playing styles. Metallica's '...And Justice for All' became quite an influence on the two, and note for note, they taught themselvez most of the album. A couple more facez joined their posse, and soon they were performing for over five hundred people at the school'z Talent Show. Ironically, Metallica had performed in Vancouver a day or two prior, so a majority of the students in attendance were still riding the high from that Metallica show, for the Talent Show.

Prior to the last song performed, thingz got physical. The standz erupted, and a sea of people flooded the floor. There were shoez flyin' in the air, chairz were sent to the wind and the teacherz began to freak out. Wuz it a riot? What the hell wuz goin' on? Had the students lost their mindz? Well kinda... but all in the name of rock n' roll.

Sh*t indeed did hit the fan when it wuz all said and done. The principal sat young Donnie down in hiz office and gave him the third degree. It wuz right out of the moviez. "I understand this Metallica-band played in Vancouver a couple of nights ago," he said, "and when you told the audience to come out from their seats, you started playing Metallica'z muzic, and it hypnotized everyone. Somebody could have been killed!"

Critics... you gotta love 'em. At least for entertainment valuez.

Tommy would extend hiz heavy metal wayz, and join local heaviez Malevolence, (Whom were formed by Zappnin Black artist Jay Black), and Donnie posted his servicez up in a local muzic store, then went on to form Conviction. (Another heavy metal act for the Victoria scene). Contact wuz alwayz held between Donnie and Tommy, and quite frequently they would find themselvez holding late nite jamz, of music more in the vane of Black Sabbath and Captain Beyond. Metal may have moved in, but their rock n' roll roots were never forgotten or wasted away.

Az time went by, flavourz would change.

Tired of the angst of playing heavy music, Tommy cut hiz hair and started another band, more in a Green Day sound of thingz. Donnie went on with Conviction, and then even a stint with Malevolence. He too growing weary of the screaming fury that wuz hiz music, hung up hiz Metallishoez to reconvene with Tommy and get back to their roots of rock n' roll. The two would put together (with another tired heavy metallist) a band known as; Rollie Fingers. Dragster rock n' roll wuz the brand of music, and a fresh new beginning would take place. Excited by this new direction, and creative mayhem, the boyz would delve into a giant bottle of alcohol(izm).

Meanwhile, on the other side of the tracks, Johnny would join up with some school mates of the other two and start putting to work and play, a band; The Mungle Pilgriffs. Although the three, (Donnie, Johnny & Tommy), had known (to some extent) who each other were, they would not formally get together for quite sometime yet.

Az Rollie Fingers checked itself into rehab, (so to speak), the band fell into a black void of nothingness. Donnie went back to the heavy metal monster, for lack of better thingz to do, and Tommy formed Black Creek with, conveniently enough, Johnny (who had been growing a different kind of tired, tired of the bullshit). Johnny and Tommy would play together for a year before they decided to move in for the kill.

Unimpressed with where they were with their drummer at the time, they tried to sway Donnie from the dark side. Then, after much anticipation from all the playerz involved, the three finally got together. The team wuz formed, and the family had begun. The long lost brotherz were finally united az one, and Zappnin Black had come to be. The Superership wuz now completely assembled batteriez not included), and the ball of havin' a ball, wuzza rollin'.

After months of hard workout, the songz were attaining shape, and a sunshiney form of 'Feelgood Rock' wuz gasoline for the machine... ... and the mileage wuz fantastick! Appropriate enough, it wuz the right time to record the soundtrack for this future Feature Attraction.

The Spring of 2001 saw the Brothership land in Vancouver for a six day tenure, three of which were within' the wallz of Greenhouse Studios. In this time, five songz were laid down, and during the creation of the CD's cover art, a comic strip wuz born. Now, az memberz of the netherworld, everything fell into place and the puzzle piecez were to fit together perfectly.

The Fall of 2001 brought on training camp for Team Black. They would know their routine like the back of their handz, and the game plan wuz put forth. While pulling bitz n' piecez from recipez of the likes of Dave Halen, Sly Stone and Paul Stanley, the Black's have bin cookin' up a game plan even John Madden would tail-gate for, and that my friendz, is how Super Bowlz are won.

Bringing us up to prezent date. Performance iz now the main focus for the Boyz of the Black. Cuz the show must go on and on... and then on some more! Gotta give to the people what they need; good company, good timez and good muzic. Az the prime candidates for perfect hosts, it'z the package deal. Signed, sealed and delivered. Satisfaction guaranteed, (cuz anything less would be uncivilized).
In the lean and mean time, put your sunglassez on, fasten your seatbelts and hold on tight. It'z gonna be one helluva tomorrow and tonight.

So for now, "Let the gamez begin, and the good timez, Rock n' Roll!"


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